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How We Can Use Your Gifts

We at Southend YMCA, work with some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people in the town and provide aspiration raising, life enhancing, confidence building projects and services to those who most need a helping hand.

We provide 30 supported housing units for young people who would otherwise be homeless without our intervention and every year house 48 homeless children and young people (aged 16 to 25) fleeing desperate circumstances such as domestic violence, abuse and rejection. The need for safe housing exceeds our capacity and we are working towards creating a greater housing provision so we can respond the need. Financial contributions to our capital fund could help us to create more safe and secure housing units.

Here are some of the other ways we can use your gift.

  • £5 Could buy a young person food for a day.
  • £10 Can assist us to meet a young person's electric costs for a week.
  • £20 Can pay for a young person to gain a CV building qualification in first aid, fire marshalling or SOS Bus volunteering training. These awards are crucial to upskilling young people who may have found traditional classroom subjects or settings challenging.
  • £25 Can enable us to put on celebration events such as Christmas dinner or give gifts on birthdays for a young person .We are often the closest a young person may have to a family and this is especially poignant and difficult for them at Christmas time.
  • £45 Can pay for 3 mentoring sessions for a traumatised young person who may have come to us fleeing abuse, violence or other challenging circumstances.
  • £50 Can buy a 7 day 'room pack' for a young person and cover meals, heating, light, council tax, toiletries and laundry.
  • £85 Could buy a young person a place on a day long 'Improve Your Employability' and work skills workshop, where our staff will help a young person create a CV, brush up on interview skills, arrange interviews, fares to the interviews and perhaps shop for appropriate interview attire.
  • £100 Covers the cost of 300 bricks which we can use towards the cost of new housing.
  • £150 enables us to take a group of young people on a day trip. Many of our young people have never experienced the simple pleasure of a day out or picnic and this can cover petrol, staffing and food.
  • £900 Funds a place for a young person on Team YP. Team YP is a 20 week, activity based program which uses the medium of sport to build confidence and encourage active, responsible citizenship. Underpinning and built within this program are a wide range of personal development skills which nurture a more positive approach to life and increase self esteem and self worth thus avoiding potential future problems such as anti – social behaviour or long term unemployment.
  • £200 Match funds a young person to enjoy a holiday with us. We run an annual trip to France for groups of young people who may never have had a holiday before even in the UK let along been out of the country . This amount covers staffing, passport purchase if needed, food, travel and accommodation. The young people blossom in this environment and the trip opens their minds and hearts and gives them something to look forward to, think about afterwards and to aspire to achieving for themselves one day.

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