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How to Volunteer

Step 1:
Having made contact with the SOS Bus Team you will be invited aboard the SOS Bus (either Southend or Basildon depending on where you live), for an introductory session to meet the team. This will include being part of the team briefing before the session begins and an induction session informing you of your role and responsibilities whilst volunteering. A tour of the bus will be given to familiarise you with the first aid station and the equipment on board that you may use during a voluntary shift. You will also be given a Volunteer Handbook. This session will be from 8.30pm to 12.00am and during this time you will remain on the bus. It is designed to give you a taster of what being a volunteer on the SOS Bus will be like.

Step 2:
Having decided that the role of an SOS Bus volunteer is for you the next step is to attend a safeguarding interview at the YMCA (for the Southend bus) or at Festival Leisure Park (for the Basildon bus), with two of the Team Leaders who run the bus. This will give the Project the opportunity to find out about you and the skills you can bring to the bus and for you to ask any questions that may have come out of your first shadowing session. You will be asked to complete a DBS form and for this you will need to bring with you the following:
• The details of 2 referees who have known you for longer than 1 year
• Your Passport
• Your Driving Licence (Provisional is acceptable)
• Your National Insurance Number
• A utility bill or bank statement in your name (not more than 3 months old) to confirm your address
• Any First Aid Certificates (if appropriate)

Step 3:
On completion of Step 2 you will be ready to carry out your further 2 shadowing sessions. These will be arranged via Chris Thomas Team Leader for the SOS Bus. This will now involve being a part of a team on duty and following them for a complete shift from 8.30pm to 3.00am. These duties will involve street patrols and driving around the town past the pubs and clubs looking for anyone requiring assistance. You will also assist the nominated First Aider on your team, this can include holding sick bowls, taking details, getting water and helping to clear up after a call.

Step 4:
Once Step 3 has been completed there will be a period of waiting before your DBS comes through. This will be delivered to your home address and not to the SOS Bus Project. In order to become a fully-fledged SOS Bus volunteer it will be necessary to contact Chris Thomas and let him have sight of your DBS.

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